Hit List — 04 February 2012
Hit List – 4 Feb 2012

 Punishment for wikileaks’ messenger. AMD’s ultrathin notebook plans. Beware FBI!! Bye to Micron CEO. And Honda’s “Matthew’s day off”!

 1.  The ‘Troubled young man’ is in deep trouble

What Bradley Manning may have to face if he is convicted of  ” letting out the secret” to Wikileaks website.

Read about the disgrace at BBC.



 2. Trinity : AMD Platform for the very very thin

AMD disclosed its platform for future 18mm thin notebooks.

Check out the details at xbitlabs.



3.  FBI Call Intercepted!!

Cybercriminals managed to hack one of the FBI calls to UK and the 16min call was put on the web.

Can nothing be confidential any more?? …

All details at Wall Street Journal.


 4. Steve Appleton , Micron CEO dies in a plane crash…

Steve Appleton, the CEO of one of the top semiconductor industries, was awarded the ‘Robert Noyce’ award recently for his contribution to chip industry!!    Sadly , there will be no more contributions from his side..

Read complete article at TheBottomLine.


5. Honda Super Bowl ad in advance…

So, Honda releases it Super Bowl ad for Honda CRV, a week before . The Super Bowl being still awaited on sunday, people already love the ad !!!

In 1986, director John Hughes debuted the American teen coming-of-age comedy film, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”  It quickly became one of the top movies of 1986.  On the same lines, Honda launched its ad: “Matthew’s day off”!!

Watch the complete ad at YouTube.


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