Hit List — 27 January 2012
Hit List – 27 Jan 2012

Twitter can clip tweets country-wise. Newspapers act like cola companies. And Kohli gives some back to the aussies.

1. Will Israel take on Iran?

In the past Israel has used its air force to bomb nuclear reactors in Iraq and Syria. Will it – more importantly, can it – do the same with arch-nemesis Iran? (This story via Anish Nair)

Analysis from within and outside Israel at TIME Magazine.



2. Times of India and The Hindu in Ad-War

Since when did newspapers start acting like cola companies? Ever since The Times of India decided to take a pot-shot at The Hindu’s serious news coverage. (This story via Vamsi Namuduri)

Check out the TOI first strike here and The Hindu’s retort here.




3. Twitter can now censor tweets on basis of country

Twitter recently announced that it has developed the technology to block a tweet from a specific country. Previously, if a tweet was blocked, it would be blocked from the entire world.

The details at BBC.




4. Kohli gives it back to Oz

Virat Kohli is a tough kid. Though the celebration might have been a bit over the top, he does a good job giving the aussie’s a bit of their own.

A short but great read at The Deccan Herald.




5. Agneepath opens big

Karan Johar’s Agneepath has opened to packed houses and decent reviews.

The three and a half star review at NDTV.



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