Hit List — 26 February 2012
Hit List – 26 Feb 2012

Chaos in Kabul, Foxconn inspected, India’s eves crash out, Iran’s apparently not making a bomb and the coolness that is Pinterst.

1. Koran burning sparks a new storm

Two NATO officers were shot dead as protests against the accidental burning of Korans wreaked havoc in Kabul. British and American civilian advisers are in the process of being withdrawn from the city.

Read more at the Huffington Post.



2. Foxconn inspected, but what does it mean?

Foxconn recently allowed cameras into (in)famous factories. A great read on the larger implications of factories like Foxconn by David Pogue. And almost immediately, there are reports of Foxconn hiding underage workers.

Read Pogue’s post at The New York Times and the reports of underage workers at CNET.



3. Indian eves lose in final

The great Olympic dream came to an end for the Women’s hockey team yesterday. Our eves lost 3-1 to South Africa and failed to qualify for the London Olympics. Good show none the less, we’re proud of you.

The details at Daily Pioneer.



4. So, they’re not making a bomb?

US intelligence has indicated that Iran is not trying to make nuclear weapons even though they are pursuing research that could enable them to. Confused? So are we. Let’s hope this isn’t another WMD, Smoke ‘em out, Mission Accomplished moment.

More at The Los Angeles Times.



5. The lottery we all play

What’s common between between Hollywood and your job? Doing that less than glorious job for that less than glorious pay-check for that slim chance at making Superstar or Partner (movies and consulting, respectively).

A great read at The New York Times on the lure of the big gig.



6. The Pintrest way

Pintrest is a hit and a big one. But what has made it stand out in a long line of new-comers. A great read at Forbes on what makes Pinterst tick. (via Anand)




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