Hit List — 25 February 2012
Hit List – 25 Feb 2012

Syria worsens. Indian hockey rulzzzz. Bloom Energy Buzz. Dutch Prince in coma. And we hit an accelerator on the “mobile” streak… 


1. Red Cross begins Homs evacuation

More than 7,000 people have died in the 11-month uprising. Evacuation is probably the best way out here.

Read more about what the various delegates decide at the “Friends of Syria” conference, at BBC




2. Chak De India..

Our national game is really making us proud as both the men’s and women’s hockey teams reached the finals of the Olympic qualification tournament. The men will face France and women will face SA in the finals to decide if we qualify or not. Best of luck.

Enjoy the read at Hindustan Times





3. The Bloom Box!!!

Air + Fuel = Energy without combustion  :)

Someone has implemented that for us on a large scale now.. Companies like Google and Adobe are moving towards this clean form of energy already. But some still question whether it is a ‘Big Hype’ ..

Find out for yourself  at… Wall Street Journal . Video (a little older though) : YouTube . And see how these fuel cells actually work at : Bloomenergy.com 

Adobe adopts Bloom Energy: Here . (via Parthiv Trivedi)



4. Dutch Prince may never wake up

Being buried under the avalanche and having a heart attack for may be as long as 50min (isn’t that too long?? ), the Dutch Prince Johan Friso is in coma. But his skiing partner could face some investigation now…

Read more at BBC




5. Lets be more “Mobile” ..

India and China have ended up increasing the number of mobile subscriptions by about 180 million. Thats a big number!! or may be not looking at our population….

Read the details at C114




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