Hit List — 25 January 2012
Hit List – 24 Jan 2012

Jay Leno pisses India off. Apple posts mind numbing numbers for Q1 while Japan posts its first trade deficit in 30 years. 

1. Jay Leno sued for anti-sikh remarks

It’s official. We can’t take a joke. First Clarkson and BBC and now Jay Leno.

All about the fuss at NDTV and The Washington Times.




2. Japan posts first trade deficit since 1980

Quake and Tsunami ravaged Japan posted its first trade deficit in 30 years. The economy is expected to see a deficit till 2014.

Read more at BBC and Mainichi Daily News.




3. Apple’s out of this world results for Quarter 1, 2012

Wait for it… $43.6 billion. 37 million iPhones, 15 million iPads, 5 million Macs. (This story via Darshan Divecha).

The dizzying details at TechCrunch.




4. The ‘all-new’ Beetle goes manly

Volkswagon rolls out a bigger and beefed-up version of the Beetle to attract more male customers. And it also comes with an apt slogan: ‘More power, less flower.’

Details and analysis on The New York Times.




5. Hollywood line-up for 2012

A great list of amazing movies coming your way in 2012, apart from the Hobbit, Dark Knight regulars.

Check it out at IGN.com.



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