Hit List — 24 February 2012
Hit List – 24 Feb 2012

Giving tribals a voice, the death of a nation, a Wharton grad and the UP polls and J K Rowling is back.

1. Tribals, cellphones and amazing citizen journalism

How do you give India’s most backward and neglected people a voice? Uh.. Nokia sort of already did. This fantastic new initiative is tapping India’s immense cellphone penetration to help people get their word out in a no-hassles way. And it is already having an impact.

Interesting read about Mobile Journalism at CNN.



2. The world watches Syria die

For the 20th day, the ruthless pounding of the city of Homs in Syria continued. And while the western world refuses to intervene, civilians and journalist are up against rockets and tanks. This has to stop. If there was a time when the world needed to intervene, it is now. (via Varun Mathur)

Terrifying tales of Syria and Homs at Reuters.



3. A Wharton grad brings spreadsheets and analytics to the UP campaign trail

Kanishka Singh is Rahul Gandhi’s main man in UP. Singh, a St. Stephen’s and Wharton grad, is helping Gandhi orchestrate the entire campaign. And he is doing it armed with data, spreadsheets and a blackberry.

A fascinating read at The Economic Times.




 4. J. K. Rowling is back  

J.K.Rowling is set to make a comeback with a new novel. But this time she will be writing for adults and the new book will be completely different from the Harry Potter series. Also, best selling novelist Jeffrey Archer is set to release  his new book in India. He seems pretty excited about it, even if no one else is.

More about J.K.Rowling’s comeback at The Guardian and Jeffry Archer’s  new book at the Deccan Chronicle.



5. If you’re going to wear a tux, do it like Clooney

No, that black shirt does not make you look like Keanu Reeves. Yes, open collars went out of fashion in the 70s. And those shoes are funnier than Charlie Sheen. So quit messing around and suit up the right way, like George Clooney.

How to wear a tuxedo at The New York Times.


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