Hit List — 22 February 2012
Hit List – 22 Feb 2012

Yemen’s great ‘choice’, cricket’s latest trend, Nike’s lightest shoe and a fad that could be bad for you.

1. Elections in Yemen for single candidate

In the midst of blasts and protests in middle east countries, Yemenis went to polling stations to topple the 33 year old dictatorial  regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh. The interesting fact about the election was that people had only one option to vote for and it was the Vice President Mansour Hadi. It’s too early to talk about how peace and democracy will prevail in the poorest Arab nation looking at its current statethe current state it is in. So all the best to President Hadi!

More about the elections at The New York Times and Al Jazeera.


 2. More Hollywood movies for China.

Under the agreement, announced during U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s trip to Los Angeles with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, 14 additional IMAX or 3D films would be allowed in China. Foreign film companies will also be permitted to take a 25% cut of the box office, nearly double the current 13%-17%. Good days ahead for IMAX and Chinese hollywood fans.

Read more at CNN.


3. Is cricket about whitewash these days?!

England thrashed Pakistan 4-0 in ODI series that took place in Abu Dhabi. With 2 brilliant centuries from Alistair Cook in the first 2 ODIs and then by Pietersen in last 2, they made it a look very easy for the side that was whitewashed a few ago in the test series.

Complete series report at Cricinfo and DO NOT OPEN THIS!



4. Nike’s latest sensation.

Nike’s new flyknit shoes seems to be impossible but they just did it. Considered as the lightest shoe available on the planet the flyknit has been launched as Nike’s campaign ahead of London Olympics 2012. So do you want this 158gm shoe?

More about the Nike Sensation at Gizmodo and the mind blowing advertisement at Youtube.



5. Are you wearing healthy clothes?!

Not only is fashion not good for you, it could actually be bad for you. Doctor’s are reporting increased cases of injuries due to flip-flops, high-heels and the like.

More about the Fashion Hazard at The Wall Street Journal.


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