Hit List — 21 February 2012
Hit List – 21 Feb 2012

 Relief for Greece…  Droughts for England…  Goodbye to Pointing.. and… BMW’s electrifying new ride..


1. Eurozone agrees to bail Greece out

Eurozone ministers agreed to a second bailout for Greece worth around $130 billion. The Euro surged at the news that will prevent Greece from defaulting next month.

The details at The Hindu.





 2. Drought in south east England.

To many, the idea that a country where it seems to be always raining could face drought might appear odd, but on Monday several parts of Britain were officially declared to be facing drought with groundwater levels in some areas falling to alarmingly low levels after two consecutive dry winters.

More about the drought at The Guardian.





3. Ponting dropped from ODIs, admits end of one-day career

Following a very lean patch in the one-day game, Ricky Ponting was dropped from the Aussie ODI squad. Ponting has stated that he will continue to play tests but his ODI career is over. And so a champion’s walk into the sunset begins.

The scoop at Cricinfo and also check out this fantastic pictorial essay.





4. A brand new sport Taser Ball.

Taser + Rugby = Life threatening game THE ULTIMATE TASER BALL. The game’s US inventors say the stun guns are designed to deliver eight milliamps of current – well below the lethal dose of one amp. Also there is a mini league that has started in US with 4 teams.

More about the deadly game and a video at The Sun.





5. An all electric BMW

No exhaust, no engine, no noise. The Active-E is a limited production electric BMW based on the 1-series cars. So does it measure up to the experience of a good old fuel guzzling Bimmer?

Check out a review at The New York Times.




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