Hit List — 20 February 2012
Hit List – 20 Feb 2012

Oil trouble all over again, an amazingly tiny transistor, Kingfisher’s stutters continue and the amazing VLC gets a reboot.

1. Iran halts oil export to Britain, France

Retaliating to western pressure on its nuclear program, Iran stopped oil export to Britain and France. The tensions in the region have sent oil prices soaring to a eight month high. Here we go again.

Read all about it at Reuters and Business Live.



2. Now that’s a tiny transistor

Scientists have succeeded in creating a single atom transistor. The transistor, made from a lone phosphorous atom, could lay the foundation future nano scale development.

The tiny details at The Huffington Post.



3. Kingfisher in more trouble

Kingfisher cancelled 13% of its flights from February 17th due to ‘unexpected interruptions’. The DGCA expressed its unhappiness with the cancellations. A dark dark cloud seems to be looming over the airlines fate.

More at Bloomberg and Hindustan Times.



4. John Fairfax passes away

The man who rowed across the Atlantic and the Pacific is no more. Totting a gun 9, heading to the Amazon at 13 and training to become a pirate, Fairfax led an interesting life to say the least.

A great tribute at The New York Times.



5. The legend cometh, again

Most 2.0s are sadly over-rated. But, if there is one we cannot help be excited about is VLC. The legend’s second installment features several tweaks and a brand new UI. We can’t wait.

Check it out at Engadget.


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