Hit List — 19 February 2012
Hit List – 19 Feb 2012

Five great reads guaranteed to last you the entire Sunday.  India’s democracy, global economics and ten of the most powerful images ever.

1. Ramachandra Guha on Democracy

Ramachandra Guha lays out a very interesting perspective on Indian democracy. The author of India After Gandhi discusses two prevalent bifurcations of democracy within India’s democracy. All in all, a great read.

The complete article at ramachandraguha.in.



2. Nobel Prize winning economist on Playboy…yes Playboy!

Paul Krugman, the economist who won a Nobel Prize for his International Trade Theory, in a candid interview with Playboy magazine. From what went wrong (probably everything) during Bush era, to the recession, to his theory on Obama’s tenure, this interview really is a long but a fantastic read.

The complete interview at Playboy.com. (Standard disclaimer about the pop-ups on that site)


3. Oscars are here.

A fantastic little read on some interesting facts associated with the mother of all movie awards. Also, check out the complete list of nominees for this years installment.

Interesting facts at LA Times, complete list of nominees , also some great performance interviews at TIME.



4. Brainstorm this

So how productive is all that brainstorming that we all spend hours doing? This great article reveals some pretty surprising insights on how futile all that brainstorming could actually be.

Read it at The New Yorker.



5. Ten images to rule them all

This collection of images is probably the most compelling you will see anywhere. You may have seen a couple of these but to see them together in one collection is amazing. Be warned, some images are pretty graphic.

Check it out at dvaphoto.com.


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