Hit List — 17 February 2012
Hit List – 17 Feb 2012

Boeings latest Dream ride, Kingfishers nightmare, a dream ride for GM and India’s rice export and new kind of outsourcing .


 1. India: World’s top rice exporter. 

Who is top exporter of the most important staple food for a large part of the world’s human population and also the 3rd highest grown grain worldwide? Answer: INDIA. Reports suggests, India’s rice stocks are big enough to hypothetically take care of the entire world’s import requirements for a year. That is pretty impressive… isn’t it?

More about the Worlds No.1 rice exporter at The Wall Street Journal.



2. Back with bang and billions!

Two years ago, they filled for bankruptcy. Today: record profits with annual income estimated to be $7.6 billion. Back then there were opposition against government which handed a $50 billion bail out package to GM.But it seems the biggest automobile company in the world is making most of the package. Ideal comeback? or, too early to say so?

More about the comeback at CNN Money.



3. Back with their head banged and crores lost.

Nothing seems to be good at this moment for self proclaimed KING OF GOOD TIMES. The flagship airline company owned by Vijay Mallya, Kingfisher Airlines’ net loss has widened to Rs 444.26 crore for the quarter ended December 31, 2011. Already in tantrum, it would be interesting how will they emerge from this or will they ever emerge?

More at The Economic Times.



4. Boeing Dreamliner: WOW!!!

Ready for dream ride in sky? Boeing 787 is here. 787 is s supposed to revolutionize air travel: better cabin climate, less airsickness, reduced jet lag, fewer headaches—and even babies that may not cry as much. But there are many things which critics(yes they are every where) still find are same as compared to previous Boeing planes.

Dream ride at The Wall Street Journal.



5. Outsourcing, now by American Artists.

Drew Smith aspiring musician was a struggling artists a few days back until he outsourced the video of his latest song Smoke and Mirrors to a dance school in bangalore. Since its release on youtube the songs has already 179,000 hits. The video is one example of the breadth of outsourcing, which has come to include the kind of highly specialized skills — like microchip design.

More about the latest outsourcing business at The New York Times and the latest product of outsourcing i.e. Smoke and Mirrors at Youtube.




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