Hit List — 16 February 2012
Hit List – 16 Feb 2012

 One of the worst prison fires. A scoop for $1.7 billion by Olympus. Government sites hacked. Buzzing startup: Pinterest. And no security from phone book theft….


1. Fire in Honduras prison.

350 people were killed when fire broke out in over crowded prison in Honduras.Such was the intensity of the incident that it would take at least three months to identify victims, some burned beyond recognition, because DNA tests will be required.

Read more at Al Jazzera.




2. Olympus vision took them to their future.

7 men, including former Olympus Corp. Chairman were arrested for their alleged involvement in a massive $1.7 billion accounting fraud at the Japanese camera and medical equipment maker.It would be interesting how Japanese handle this, who are intolerant towards corruption and fraud.

More about the fraud at CNN.




3. 21 Andhra Pradesh government websites hacked.

A day before state budget hackers managed to break into government servers and hack the site which give details of the budget. Among 21 websites that were hacked includes department such as Gazette notifications, government orders, commercial taxes, GAD, horticulture, factories, remote and interior area development, etc.

More at The Hindu and the page added by hackers at http://budget.ap.gov.in/Dz.htm.




4. Online Pin board: Pinterest.com.

In January, the number of visitors on Pinterest.com was almost a third of that on Twitter.com.Guess many of us have never heard about this new Silicon valley startup which lets users create online scrapbooks to share images of projects or coveted products. Yes its out there and making buzz; but with a dilemma :”HOW TO MAKE MONEY?” ,which will decide their sustainability.

More about the startup at Wall Street Journal.




5. Smartphone apps steal your phone book

Some of the apps on a smartphone including twitter have admitted to copying of the user’s phone book without their consent. But what is their excuse for doing that…

read ahead at BBC.




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