Hit List — 15 February 2012
Hit List – 15 Feb 2012


Handling Iran, cell phones for an ostracized people and a little piece of Hollywood legend.

1. Lets Talk Iran

First a trade embargo. Then a series of bombings aimed at Israel resulting in threats of a retaliation. Is there a pattern here? Are we trying to make Iran talk. More importantly will Iran talk ? It will, according to Dennis Ross, special adviser on the middle east to the Obama administration.

The whole story at the New York Times



2. Freedom of Expression, Mind It!

Surprising to see that “free speech” had this struggle in Rajniland. Nevertheless, all’s well that ends well.Hope Kapil Sibal read the judgment given by the SC in this case and learned something about the law, freedom and rights, or just something at all.

You can read it at the New York Times



3. Cellphones in North Korea 

Orascom Telecom might just be doing the biggest service to the oppressed people of the hermit kindgom by giving North Koreans a voice. As mobile users hit the 1M mark, will this change one of the world’s greatest tragedies?

Read more at the Economist



4. Own a piece of the empire

If you wanted to own a piece of architectural history, here’s your chance. One of the world’s most iconic buildings is up for ownership through an eagerly awaited IPO.

Read more at Forbes




5. Fly like Marty McFly

Mattel is finally making the hover-board originally popularized by Back to the Future or Johnny Quest (in case of younger readers). But before you start fantasizing about how cool it would be to have one, be disappointed at Gizmodo



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