Hit List — 12 February 2012
Hit List – 12 Feb 2012

3 deaths-one accidental, one intentional and one unfortunate. 

2 Powers-0ne Supreme Court of Pakistan and the other Cricket.


  1. “ Accidental” death in valley.

Ashiq Hussain Rather, 22, was killed late on Friday when a soldier accidentally fired his rifle.The death of 22 year old has sparked strong protests in valley which was off lately peaceful. Omar Abullah, state Chief Minister has ordered to probe death and also apologized for the incident.

More at Al Jazzera and The Hindu.




 2. Rest In Peace Whitney Houston.

American singer,actress Whitney Houston was found dead in her room at a hotel in LA where she was attending a pre Grammy party, the award she herself won 6 times among others. The Guinness World Record holder for most-awarded female act of all time would me missed big time by her fans.

Obituaries at The New York Times and LA Times.




 3. Indian student stabbed in London,again.

Praveen Reddy, a 23-year-old university student from Hyderabad, was stabbed in circumstances that were not clear. Praveen was pursuing his MBA from London School of Business. While 11 people have been arrested till now related to the incident ,Praveen is still fighting for his life on hospital bed.

More at The Hindu and The Daily Mail.



4.  SUPREME Court, Indeed!            

Supreme Court of Pakistan is the current SuperStar for the fans of Democracy but for the ruling party a enemy that is trying to dig their grave. The decision by the apex court could topple the ruling party sending the Prime Minister behind the bars and reopen the charges against the President.

More about the decisions at Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.


5. Power of CRICKET. 

Such is the power of cricket that even the Taliban has backed the Cricket team of Afghanistan against their match with Pakistan at Sharjah. Even though the Afghanistan lost the match there are always positive things you can take back from the game; and there could not be a better one than backing of Taliban which otherwise is always on the wrong side of things. HAIL CRICKET!

Interesting read at Cricinfo.




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