Hit List — 11 February 2012
Hit List – 11 Feb 2012

NBA star in making, chinese saree, farmers using facebook, nadal unhappy and blasts in syria.


1.Blasts at government buildings in Syria.

Two car bombs killed scores of people at two government security offices in Syria.The 11 month old conflict seems to getting grimmer day by day with both sides indulging in a no-holds-barred civil war. With blame game on there is no clue which side carried out the attacks.

Read more at  The New York Times and Al Jazeera.




 2. Farmer and Facebook.

No its not to do with FarmVille, something far better than it.Clever as they are always known for putting things to optimize the results, the famers in Sangli District of Maharashtra used facebook to get the maximum price for their turmeric crops.People get a clue.

Fantastic story at The Economic Times.




 3. Chinese Sarees,yes,chinese…anyone interested? 

“Of all the garments yet invented by mankind the sari did most to flatter the wearer”,Shashi Tharoor wrote once about it in an essay on Saree. As diverse as everything in India there are many of its kind available that are hand woven and manufactured across different places as per the tradition. But suddenly there is slump in this hand woven sarees, thanx again to the land of replica.

More about the chinese saree and how are they foraying into Indian market at CNN.



4. Nadal unhappy over french puppet show.

Former World No.1 is unhappy with the french puppet show.One of which shows Nadal and Paul Gasol (NBA star for Lakers) signing documents with syringe. At the end of clip the words  ”Spanish sportsmen don’t win by chance” are flashed.

Read more about it at CNN and one of the clip at YouTube .




5.LINsanity is all over NBA.

Jeremy Lin, a Harvard Graduate was not drafted for 2010 NBA season then picked up by New York Knicks  and then its been a dream-come-true ride for the Lin. With NBA missing shots in China this Chinese origin star is not missing any of them for Knicks. With brilliant match winning performance in his past  games Lin is the man of moment and can be the man of future. Anyone betting for MVP?

Read more about Lin at The New York Times and Huffington Post . One of his best shot at YouTube. And also the story of NBAs stars misery in china at The New York Times.



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