Hit List — 01 February 2012
Hit List – 01 Feb 2012

Romney bags Florida, India bags French jets. Sutil gets a jail sentence and we all get a brand new Firefox.

1. Romney wins Florida, out in front again

Mitt Romney came back from his South Carolina loss to capture Florida with 46% votes. Gingrich came in second with 31%.

The whole story at The New York Times.




2. India signs $10 billion deal with French firm for 126 fighter jets

Dassualt Rafale of France edged out several competitors to seal a huge defense deal with India for a record number of fighter jets.

Read more at Indian Express and The Economic Times.




3. UN moves to remove Syrian President

As Syria hurtles towards civil war, the UN has decided to pass a strict resolution to force Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, to relinquish power to his deputy. China and Russia could however play spoilsport by vetoing the resolution.

The details at Al Jazeera.



4. Adrian Sutil receives suspended jail sentence

F1 driver, Adrian Sutil, received a suspended jail sentence in Munich for causing bodily harm to Eric Lux who is the CEO of the firm that owns Lotus Racing. Sutil has already apologized to Lux.

More at ESPNF1.




5. Mozilla releases Firefox 10

Mozilla officially released Firefox 10 yesterday. Though there are few user-facing updates, several under-the-hood tweaks have been made for developers.

All the geeky details at arstechnica.com.



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